We can build our way to a pandemic-free world.

COVID-19 might not be the last pandemic humanity will face, but there are technologies within reach that can reduce the risk that future pathogens wreak havoc. Let's build them.

The Market Shaping Approach

We envision a world where biosecurity technologies are developed and implemented in abundance.Depending on the technology, we intervene at different places in the market-shaping pipeline to help make this happen:

1. Set a performance-based goal.

  • We engage a diverse group of stakeholders like manufacturers and end-users to build a target product profile (TPP) that addresses the biosecurity capability we need. These documents specify the characteristics that a future product should have.

2. Secure demand.

  • To justify private investment into developing products meeting the TPP, we need to show that there’s a strong market opportunity for those products.

  • Advance market commitments (AMCs) are great tools for doing this. In an AMC, interested buyers commit to purchasing a minimum dollar amount of products meeting the TPP characteristics when they’re developed. If no satisfactory product is developed, buyers don't need to spend any money.

  • We work to identify potential buyers (such as government agencies or private corporations) and advocate for their participation in an AMC.

3. Manufacture, stockpile, and deploy.

  • Successful products won’t help reduce pandemic risk until they're deployed on a large scale.

  • We will work with local and national governments to ensure that products are deployed or stockpiled appropriately, or that reserve manufacturing capacity exists in the event of a future outbreak.

  • We will also advocate for auxiliary measures to help implement these products, such as guidance or training on how they should be used.

Current Project

Next-generation respiratory PPEProtecting critical infrastructureAdvocating for an AMC

Past Projects

Pan-sarbecovirus vaccines (with 1Day Sooner)Preempting future sarbecovirus outbreaksTPP complete (v.1.0.0)
Mucosal COVID-19 boosters (with 1Day Sooner)Preventing transmission of COVID-19TPP complete (v.1.0.0)


Our goal is to help catalyze the development and implementation of critical technologies to prevent global catastrophic biological risks.

Aman Patel | Executive Director
Parth Ahya | Advisor
Mike McCormick | Advisor

Funding for this project was generously provided by the Survival and Flourishing Fund, and 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship by Convergence Analysis.

Send us an email at hello@pandemicdefense.tech.


We have been developing a set of policy proposals to help accelerate biosecurity tech development. Below, you can find documents we have published summarizing these policy ideas.

We will publish more policy memos, briefs, and communications on this page.